Flower Pot Drop: When the already horribly injured Twilight

The second moon returns to orbit after its long voyage, only this time, it’s getting a little too close for comfort. Especially the finale. Anguished Declaration of Love: Of the “parental love” variety: Lillian finally tells Alex she really does love him before she dies.

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Similarly, the first two rules of Project Mayhem are the same: you do not ask questions. Even though he finds out his mother knew all along of his homosexuality, he’s still set on marrying her (it’s implied he felt disillusioned and depressed after a breakup).

Armless Biped: The Leets, though Penpods can also qualify. At one point, Replica Handbags the novel uses a form of The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You where IT hijacks the narration and boasts about IT’s age and killing prowess. A Popeye arcade game did get made some time later.