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7, news Discharge Geological Survey, 2003 GEMINI Application Available from Study LAWRENCE software for characterizing oil tanks is now available clear of the Kansas Geological Survey, based in the School of Iowa. The software, made mainly for modest, separate companies and consultants, is called GEMINI (for Geo-Engineering Modeling through Net Informatics). The application was produced over the past three years with a crew of 15 Study experts, in collaboration with eight power corporations. Energy’s U.S. Department provided capital. The application is in the public domain and is might be utilized free of charge from the KGS website (at http://www.kgs.ku.edu/Gemini/). “Gemini includes eleven integrated application instruments and databases which can be used to assess the potential of gas healing and added oil from the tank,” mentioned Questionnaire Lynn Watney. “Users can conduct analyses on a single or multiple wells using Gemini adventures from the web.” Based on Watney, GEMINI generates code-guarded electronic reservoir analysis jobs to look at primary knowledge, calibrate and evaluate wireline records, assess exercise base exams, calculate oil in place, assess fat-inplace calculations with product-stability measurements, and download effects for presentation and further examination in additional application.

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The application trails person’s development being a help with revisiting and reviewing a task. Online action-by-step “Aid” characteristics assistance customers because they perform on a task. GEMINI may eventually are capable to research information from different public sites, and macsequence.com data from the KGS, as well as examining company info. GEMINI can be being used to mention link between KGS study, helping as podium for technology transfer and distance-learning. GEMINIis collection of geological and engineering website programs include: 1) modeling having an interactive relational rock directory; 2) investigation of wireline logs to get powerful hydrocarbon pay and flow products; 3) a well-account element to produce composite landscapes of logs, key, routine stem exams (DST), perforation, and reservoir top and coating info; 4) fun cross-sections to produce “designated” wireline logs from well users to ascertain and ensure correlations of the reservoir; 5) gridding and mapping of petrophysical variables to explain spatial variations of the reservoir; 6) computation and mapping of reservoir volumetrics (acrylic- and propane-in-place); 7) content stability calculations; 8) PVT calculator; 9) DST expert, 10) guide and help capabilities, and 11) an automatic software (KHAN, for Kansas Hydrocarbon Relationship Navigator), which employs petrophysical databases to estimate hydrocarbon pay or additional characteristics as experienced by the person. Links of awareness to the guide: GEMINI Tale by Buchanan. (785) 864-2106 to learn more, contact Lynn Watney. (785) 864-2184 Geological Survey. Community Outreach URL=”/ Common/Media/2003/gemini.html”avana on second