So I went ahead and got some games

Tiana is the game’s first million dollar winner from Hawaii. The star advertiser reports the 29 year old won by entering game ticket codes into a last chance drawing online, beating about 135 million other players across the country.Monday ForecastMonday ForecastLight haze possible for the smaller islands today on top of Hawaii island’s usual VOG.Light haze possible for the smaller islands today on top of Hawaii island’s usual VOG.Kua O Ka La Charter School plans for new school yearKua O Ka La Charter School plans for new school yearA Big Island charter school overrun by lava earlier this week is planning its next steps. Kua O Ka La New Century Public Charter School is preparing a new Hilo campus for its 230 students and it only has a few weeks to pull it together before the school year starts on August 6.A Big Island charter school overrun by lava earlier this week is planning its next steps.

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