It’s actually all part of the Hierophant’s plan to recruit her

Shame, disgrace!” Don’t they feel even a touch sorry, at least questioning what happened? Sure he shouldn’t have done that, some human feeling for God’s sake! It’s not just anybody it’s Zidane, they know him, they know he’s a decent guy, they know he doesn’t usually do things like this, unlike some other players; after praising him to high heavan, to turn on him like that. Have some respect, some decency! jackals! But they’re only waiting

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Valentin replica It’s eventually shown just how badly broken she is. In a late episode, Hibari goes to great lengths to try and befriend Tsubame. After an emotional breakdown in which she compares her life to Hibari’s, Tsubame joins the Cyber Team, and spends the remainder of the series trying to repair her broken childhood with good memories as an adopted child in the Hanakoganei household Valentin replica.

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