The Cameo: Pia Zadora and Ric Ocasek as Beatniks the former

Retcon: Ask Vector Prime and Renegade Rhetoric provided some interesting tweaks to the GoBots mythology in order to strengthen its ties to the Transformers universe. The Cameo: Pia Zadora and Ric Ocasek as Beatniks the former even starts reading Howl to the naive kids.

Also a general Shout Out to L/M Replica Designer Handbags fans and their requests that Zahn fix this mess. “Hooray for Hamsterwood” has Milo saying that Pamela Hamster is the finest Replica Hermes Birkin hamster actress of their Replica Handbags generation, immediately followed by Pamela (on the TV show) saying, “Science class is so random!” During “Two Clams in Love”, Oscar accidentally paints himself blue while trying to run away from Clamantha; the next shot we Designer Replica Handbags see depicts Clamantha Replica Hermes Handbags chasing Replica Stella McCartney bags Oscar in a Pac Man like fashion.

Don’t Explain the Joke: Apparently on the set of Donnie Brasco Al Replica Valentino Handbags Pacino got into the habit of telling Johnny the same Valentino Replica Handbags inane joke over and over and then laughing Stella McCartney Replica bags hysterically every time. Alcoholics have to drink but they never get drunk. She’s even loaded bullets with her own trademark drug so people she shoots are susceptible to suggestion.

Despite his macho image, he is very much One of Us, Hermes Replica Handbags as emphasized by the times he was interviewed during the production of another of his films, Space Cowboys. Oil drillers call such a well a moonpool after its nighttime reflections but Deepsea has roofed out the moonlight.

Late Arrival Spoiler: Most of the people who wind up joining the Five Man Band later in the story. They find out the hard way that bayonet charges are only good at killing unarmed natives, and when the war turns, end up being mowed down by mass fire from American and Australian troops.

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